The growing boom of Blockchain jobs and careers

Whoever aims to take up these new jobs will necessarily have to be prepared regarding these technologies. 

Blockchain as a disruptive business element

Since the birth of Bitcoin and the release of the technology behind this cryptocurrency, Blockchain, many projects have emerged because many companies and individuals see in the blockchain a better way to perfect their products and services.

Every day new projects, blogs, exchanges, cryptocurrencies and apps emerge, and they involve Blockchain as a disruptive technology in the way of how projects were developed and executed until recently. With each new technology, new abilities are necessary, whichdefinitelyleads people to new approaches regarding the career they’re going to choose. 

Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain are the revolutionary elements for many businesses that lead employers to develop new job positions. Whoever aims to take up these new jobs will necessarily have to be prepared regarding these technologies. 

A growing job market

During the past two years, job searches related to blockchain, bitcoin, and cryptocurrencies exceeded the 631%, an amazing figure if we keep in mind that until less than a decadeago these terms weren’t evenknown.

Most of the job offers related to these technologies are focused on hiring tech professionals with experience in software development, like engineers and developers. Although it’s expected that they preferably have experience working on this sector, the reality is that you can get it if you have a good attitude because although a professional on the area may have experience in the technology sector, cryptocurrenciesand blockchain are a great challenge.

However, companies that hire employees to work on projects related to blockchain and cryptocurrencies not only require personal to work on the technical aspects, but they need to fill other spaces where professionals are required like marketing, lawyers, accountants, etc, because the businesses that emerge within this ecosystem face new challenges regarding regulations, legislation, taxes, andmost importantly, making themselves known on the industry, for which it’s very frequent to find job offers for community managers and graphic designers. 

Either on the technological area or what can be considered the administrative area of a blockchain-development company, what’s true is that it’s a sector of the industry thatgenerates many vacanciesevery day, mostly for those who are ready to learn about these technologies. 

The higher hiring fields

The higher hiring fields are the startups because their goal is to develop blockchain and cryptocurrency products, just like traditional businesses that make thedecisionto implement these new technologies into their already-existing processes, among which we can find important banks, accounting firms and even lawyer buffets that have existed for many years.

Some of the already existing technological companies thatcould be the most affected by the implementation of a technology as revolutionary as blockchain, and which are already working on projects related to the blockchain that can benefit their businesses greatly are Microsoft, Apple, Google, and Facebook.

Another sector that feels obligated to analyze and seriously consider the implementation of the Blockchain technology on their processes are the governments, which have always been very inefficient machines. Many governments have started hiring experts to work with them on the implementation and development of digitalized processes based on blockchain.

Among the jobs offered related to these technologies are: 

  • Cryptocurrency analyst
  • Cryptocurrency research analyst 
  • Cryptocurrency systems engineer
  • Data scientist
  • Cryptocurrency trader
  • Community manager
  • Cryptocurrency developer
  • Full-stack blockchain developer
  • Graphic designer
  • Certified cryptocurrency specialist positions – direct sales
  • Digital marketing specialist
  • Cryptocurrency project manager 
  • Cryptocurrency product manager
  • Illustrator
  • DevOps engineer
  • Big Data engineer
  • Cloud engineer with Bitcoin protocol/Blockchain
  • Engineer specialist on Blockchain development
  • Systems engineer for cryptocurrency trading projects
  • Senior software engineer of cryptocurrency development
  • COO
  • Direct sales associate – Cryptocurrency
  • Cryptocurrency mining technician

There’s no doubt that blockchain is currently one of the greatest challenges regarding the digital transformation that businesses are facing, a challenge that requires preparation regarding professional training and experience, which involves both executives and employees. 

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