Summary of the first day at the laBITconf Chile 2018

The central event promoted in this conference refers to the official launch of Blockchain Iberoamérica.

The most influential event in Latin America

The most anticipated event by the Latin American bitcoiner community is held in the city of Santiago de Chile, the sixth edition of the laBITconf, an event that, according to its creators, “is the most influential conference in Latin America”.

The event that was inaugurated today will feature more than 90 speakers from around the world, who will discuss topics ranging from the regional adoption of DLT, to the scalability and trading in terms of the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

A rich agenda

With an agenda spread over the three days that the event will last, it is expected to meet the expectations that previous versions of the conference have generated, which is why the event in Chile is expected to be the most multitudinous in its history.

The agenda will have a specific theme for each day. The theme of the first day was: Regional Strategies for the adoption of Distributed Accounting Technology and how other countries handle it and Privacy of the federated Blockchains in relation to public ones.

The theme during the second day will be focused on the scalability and evolution of public networks, also extending to trading, security and other basic ecosystem issues. Likewise, for the third day of the event, the company has to deal with entrepreneurial issues in the ecosystem, use cases and the importance of technology in the world of games and entertainment.

To address these issues, the event will feature renowned personalities such as Andreas M. Antonopoulos, professor at the University of Nicosia and recognized as the author of the most complete books on cryptoactive issues (The Internet of Money, Mastering Bitcoin, Mastering Ethereum), and Giacomo Zucco, expert in the correct use of terminologies associated with the ecosystem. Likewise, other experts such as Rodolfo Andragnes, Zooko Wilcox, Franco Amati and Diego Gutiérrez will also be lecturers, all of them relevant personalities in the field.

Blockchain Ibero-America

The central event promoted in this conference refers to the official launch of Blockchain Iberoamerica, an alliance that will bring together different NGOs dedicated to Blockchain and cryptoactives in the region, including organizations such as Blockchain Panama, Bitcoin Chile, Blockchain Spain, Blockchain Colombia, Bitcoin Argentina and Bitcoin Monterrey .

Also, the event counts with the participation of Bitcoineta, the van that travels the continent spreading information about Bitcoin, which will be offering free activities for the public.

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