Prestigious universities offer blockchain courses

Prestigiosas universidades ofrecen cursos de blockchain

The launch of this digital exchange tool coincides with the recovery of Bitcoin in the market

A recent study published by the exchange house, Coinbase revealed that 21 of the 50 most outstanding universities in the world currently offer workshops or academic courses related to blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies.

Among the most outstanding data of the publication is that two of these universities, the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology of Zurich and the University of Singapore offer more than two courses with these topics; and if we also include the chairs focused on the study of cryptography, the number of universities offering studies related to the area increases by 70%, especially for the development of Bitcoin technology.

The country where most of these classes are held is the United States because of the 18 universities outside its territory, only 5 offer at least one blockchain course. Among the study centers offering both courses, blockchain and cryptocurrency studies are: Stanford University, the University of Pennsylvania and Cornell University, located in Ithaca, New York.

The exchange house indicated that the departments of computer science, in addition to students of social sciences, anthropology, finance and other areas have shown interest in learning more about this topic. He also pointed out that 47% of social science degree graduates want to take classes on cryptocurrencies and 34% of computer students show an inclination to study the area.

Increasing demand

The study also shows the rise in the number of students enrolled in these courses at the University of New York. So far in 2018, 230 graduates have participated, which resulted in the change of classes from a regular classroom to a larger auditorium of the school.

Benedikt Bunz, PhD student at Stanford, explained to Coinbase the opportunities generated by the knowledge of cryptocurrencies in job searching after they graduated, because these skills are highly valued by prestigious companies today.

In the United States, of 675 students that are studying at university who are over 16 years old and who are interested in related topics, 9% have already taken these courses, 18% have cryptocurrencies and 26% want to take a course on blockchain or cryptoasset.

Another website called Diar published more favorable figures for this new financial world. According to their data, 80% of the 20 most recognized universities in the world dictate this type of academic courses and this is how the demand exhausts the available quotas in a short time.

Blockchain is becoming more and more common as a transparent and reliable business model and cryptocurrencies are a digital channel of exchange increasingly adapted to the new times. In the near future, the implementation of these courses in more universities and institutes as necessary chairs for the study of careers, especially in the economic and financial area is envisaged.

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