Practical guide for crypto-entrepreneurs

For those who are barely starting their adventure in the digital universe, it isn’t easy to find the right project or one that makes them feel the most comfortable according to their expectations and needs

The crypto-ecosystem is full of opportunities to access some entrepreneurship project, many are very attractive, advantageous, and with quick productivity, and others not so attractive, but productive nonetheless, we canfind everything in this field.

But for those who are barely starting their adventure in the digital universe, it isn’t easy to find the right project or one that makes them feel the most comfortable according to their expectations and needs, and in many occasionsthe end up making many mistakesdue to the ignorance about the ecosystem, some thatare easy to rectify, but others are impossible to repair.

Market offers


Currently, the cryptocurrency market presents an upward trend, as Bitcoin reached the so-longed US$ 10,000, and it doesn’t seem to be going back, which is for many the so-announced break of the ice barrier. This is a situation that’s pushing more investors to the battlefield.

However, before deciding to invest in cryptocurrencies, you must choose a strategy backed by one of the two main toolsrecommended by experts, or makea technical and fundamental analysis, not necessarily in the way an investment expert could do it, but it would be good to analyze the cryptocurrency’s behavior at least during the last 6 to 12 months to envision what could be the future in the long term of a cryptocurrency.

Today, it isn’t necessary that you do an intensive economy course, others have already done it for you and it’s on the web, there you’ll find many analyses of cryptocurrencies for new investors, which you can check without taking it as the final word for you to make a decision but they’ll certainly give you an idea of how productive it could be to invest in a cryptocurrency.

But there’s another way of being a crypto-entrepreneur: cryptocurrency mining, this is an activity that’s necessary for the ecosystem because without miners to validate the blocks of the chain, there are no cryptocurrencies, and it leaves a considerable financial reward for those who execute this labor. But keep in mind that the costs of participating in mining will depend on the cryptocurrency.

The most productive thing in the cryptocurrency world is trading because if you own a digital asset, be it because you bought it or received it as a mining reward, if you manage to trade them at their highest price, your earnings will certainly be assured. For this, it’s necessary to keep in mind that you must not trade your cryptocurrencies recklessly, it’s better to do it through a trustworthy exchange so you don’t become a victim of those who are always looking for opportunities to scam the naive.

ICO Investments: 

Blockchain technology has grown exponentially in recent years, this led to the use of cryptocurrencies to be adopted by the main stakeholders in the financial services industry. We already know that ICOs allow businesses to get funds to finance the development of products, while the buyers have access to any service that the digital currencies can grant, and despite that many fraudulent ICOs have appeared, they’re still an emerging trend in the financial markets.

Many ICOs are offered every day, but potential investors can be easily confused as it’s difficult to identify one that guarantees maximum benefits. ICOs are highly speculative investments and aren’t regulated, which increases the risk for investors.

The best way to know if an ICO is reliable is by evaluating its support community because each project has an open support community that brings investors together in order to gain credibility with future ones, this is a marketing strategy that consists of asking people to spread information to support a product. When reviewing the community, you should focus on the reward messages, on the threads, in order to detect possible failures.

Nowadays, social networks are the best tool for digital marketing, so when investigating an ICO, youshould look at its influence on social media, business plans, reports, and websites. Also, make sure that its documentation for the tokenized assets is intact.


But if your entrepreneurship plans are focused on cryptocurrency mining, you may be interested in masternodes, a type of complete node that offers several services to the network and it’s rewarded for it.

A masternode is a network that can be composed of crypto-miners, traders, occasional buyers, purchase and sale of services, and other functions that require nodes around the world to execute inputs and outputs between users.

Cryptocurrencies that work with Masternodes allow the decentralized use of servers, which can generate an income to the owner. The incentives that they offer are rewards with portions of tokens in a block of the cryptocurrency that the node is using. 

These rewards can be generated several times a day, as opposed to other projects that pay once a day, and others once per month. This dynamic represents a benefit for operators as they can provide network service and get money for it, without a great investment of expensive equipment for cryptocurrency mining.

However, you must keep in mind that venturing with a Masternode will not always be profitable, as although it’s a quite productive system, this productivity depends on the cryptocurrency market staying with an upward trend, if not, the income will decrease.

There are many more options to undertake in the crypto-ecosystem, however, the options mentioned here have been the fastest-growing, so any offer that is attractive and meetsyour expectations may be appropriate as long as you completethe basic research requirements so that your project isn’t diluted by a wrong choice.

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