The growth in transactions with cryptocurrencies makes us be ready to be part of a great variety of industries thanks to Blockchain. We have generated a very wide field in matters of this technology with the decentralization of digital operations and safe handling, becoming a product resistant to fraud and manipulation.

The field in exploring apps for the Blockchain technology is unlimited and our developing department is constantly exploring it. It’s an extensive and wonderful universe of possibilities in which we are travelling.

At MTEK Labs you can find all the innovating solutions that are adjusted to your needs, with a wide coverage that involves all areas, such us: cryptocurrencies, education, science, entertainment, music, transport, renewable energy, even offering public administration solutions… Our applications in the Blockchain technology simple do not have limits.


We live the future of economy every day at MTEK Labs!

We are the perfect solution for those who wish to be part of the financial revolution. With the increasing development of he FinTech companies and basing on Blockchain, we generate new decentralized financial systems and we create different action fields for them, offering a bigger benefit for the users, making the success of MTEK Labs be everyone’s success.

Our biggest focus is on being market leaders in cryptocurrencies, trading, online payment platforms and of course, financing and investing through our CrowdFunding and CrowdLeading.



CrowdFunding has evolving adapting towards the world of cryptocurrencies and technological development. We want people like you to integrate to the projects that we are constantly developing in our technological laboratory in MTEK Labs, through various investment options that will become a disrupter in current society along with us.


MTEK Labs proposes a new way of seeing CrowdLending by offering advantages such as the diversification of credit sources or the valous opportunity of finding with su a source of capitalization for your projects.

All this developed within the non-traditional framework, with the offer of an innovating financing through cryptocurrencies with which you will start to live the reality of your undertakings immediately.



Technological research has two faces: the theory and the innovation, and only when they merge is when they can provide the revolutionary results that we pursue in MTEK Labs.

Thanks to Blockchain, tangible results can be observed in the advance of investigations in the field of emerging technologies, as it expands the area of information gathering and allows people located in different parts of the world to connect at the same time to work in team and obtain excellent results.

Our extensive experience in applying Blockchain allows us to offer you a platform that will lead you to materialize your expectations, helping you to make possible the execution of any research project that you have in mind. We are here to get closer and closer to obtaining the results you expect.


The future is here and at MTEK Labs we want to be an active part of it, reason why we join the investigation process of the developing of a bigger benefit for humans, reason that makes part of our nature since the beginning of humanity, with which we intend to contribute in the construction of a better vision of ourselves.

We handle and understand the concepto of the human-machine symbiosis and we connect it with the emerging technologies like Blockchain, for which we implement the BioHacking within this decentralized platform, locating ourselves at the avant-garde in the area of science, medicine and improvement of the citizens around the world.

Our greatest goal is conceiving advances in the field of nanotechnology, genetic engineering and telemedicine, which can also be applied to mining cryptocurrencies through human effort.




Currently, cryptogames represent a significant percentage of the options preferred by gamers, which exposes the reality that this type of digital entertainment represents without doubt in the next level of this world. At MTEK Labs we are a step ahead and videogames created with Blockchain technology in our lab will soon be available for everyone.

Gamers and developers work together hand by hand with MTEK Labs, being able to create a fantastic team with the necessary tools and experience to create solutions that the people who play not only enjoy but also lets them plunge in the Blockchain world that has opened the gates to gamers and developers, giving them the opportunity of having an economical benefit if it’s within the gamer’s aspirations.


Energy Management

At MTEK Labs we are aware of the responsibility that companies and humans have regarding the future of humanity, reason why the renewable energy field is essential within our goals.

Based on this, our vision based on the Blockchain technology leads us to set out a scene in which it is possible to share and handle self-sustainable energy within all communities in which we can imagine, for example, the possibility of selling energy generated by some solar panels that we have in our house to our neighbour.

All this can be achieved through Blockchain, since it lets us expand the borders that allow all people to be agents of the implementation of new ways of generating energy with which the resources obtained are clean, abundant and with much less or no environmental impact




The monitoring of intellectual property is a difficult domain and the art market is especially one of the least regulated, but in MTEK Labs we are sure that the Blockchain technology raises a solution that can be applied for this purpose, since it allows to provide a digital identity to each artistic piece, auditory or graphic, as well as creations registered as intellectual property.

Likewise with the Blockchain technology it will be possible to generate the automatic collection of royalties for the authors who will also be able to access decentralized and specific information of their users, which will definitely allow the authors to disassociate themselves from the large corporations that historically have been the only ones that obtain benefits in this field.  


The application of the Blockchain technology to education adds value to the quality of the superior level, as evaluating the knowledge based on accomplisments and goals reached sets out more efficient ways of studying by guaranteeing provable results thanks to Blockchain and decentralizing the title registering system, credentials, diplomas, etc.