About us

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Disruptive innovation is our speciality! 

Emerging technologies that are born in our lab inspire us to be change generators, empowering us with the digital revolution that we live.

Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, BioHacking, among other innovations, lead us to be disrupters in the finances, science, education,health and entertainment markets.

With a complete interdisciplinary team, we constantly create digital tools for all needs or innovations that are required in diverse areas.

Our priority is to challenge the status quo, focusing in developing digital producers from videogames to cryptocurrencies that are able to transform and adapt according to the user’s needs.


Más que una compañía, somos una familia que intercambia experiencias y conocimientos para poder alcanzar una meta en común, alineados hacia generar nuevas tecnologías que puedan cambiar la forma en que vemos el mundo.

Bad loans are not our strategy

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