Decentralized Exchanges - Atomic Swap

The percentage of cryptocurrencies that have executed Atomic Swaps is still low, but along with DEX are shaping up to be the technology that moves the centralized Exchange.

What is human-machine symbiosis?

Companies that develop cryptocurrency mining technologies bet on the direct relationship between humans and machines, which allow people to continue to maintain control over their activities.

Remittances in a Crypto environment

Undoubtedly, Blockchain technology is routed to solve the problems suffered by millions of migrants worldwide.

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Cómo cuidas tus bitcoins

How do you take care of your Bitcoins?

Bitcoin is a digital channel that allows money exchange in a much more effective and faster way than the traditional form of banking entities.

Reality is that there are many benefits and good uses from this digital currency, its decentralized offer, ease of use and economy of its transactions, in addition to the security of the transactions for its network make those who invest in it feel comfortable.

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Modalities and functionalities of Blockchain

When we are clear that on the fact that Blockchain plays as a gigantic account book in which the blocks (registers) are linked and encrypted among themselves to protect the privacy and security of transactions in the digital world, we can conceive it as a secure and powerful database, thanks to its encryption, which makes it applicable to all types of transactions, not only economic

In addition, it must comply with its most important requirement, which is to have several users (also known as nodes) fulfilling the function of verifying all the transactions carried out and thus validating them so that the corresponding block to which they belong is duly registered in the gigantic account book aforementioned.

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Las criptomonedas se popularizan

Attention, these big players support cryptocurrencies

2017 was the great year of cryptocurrencies as they reached their peak, Bitcoin exceeded 10 thousand dollars and this led to cryptocurrencies becoming even more popular. But of course, they wouldn’t have any value if you couldn’t make purchases with them in some of the largest companies in the world. Names like Microsoft, Steam and even KFC and Subway already accept BTC as payment, so in this article we will tell you where you can buy with your e-wallet.

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