In 10 years the cryptocurrencies market will be worth 3.6 trillion dollars

It would represent a sequential growth of 36% in the next decade

According to a study by the public consultancy Satis, the cryptocurrency market will achieve a general price of 3.6 trillion dollars, which reveals a great escalation in the adoption of digital currency technologies.

The analysts Sherwin Dowlat and Michael Hodapp wrote the report with the help of the startup Analyst Hub, where they predict that this market will have an increase of 500 billions of dollars by 2019, which would lead to having a capitalization of more than 3 trillion dollars.

Currently, it is estimated that the ecosystem has a quotation between 170 and 250 trillion dollars, according to CoinmarketCap and that, compared to the Satis study, it would represent a sequential growth of 36% in the next decade.

Support versus regulations

The founder of the Pantera Capital company, Dan Morehead, supports these predictions since the beginning of 2018, when he assured that it could surpass the 4 trillion dollars, caused by the behavior that the cryptocurrencies have.

Those who are not so positive with this possible growth argue that regulations by government entities are a brake on the market of cryptoassets, legal disputes that have generated a significant instability in the ecosystem during this year and has not allowed acceleration in its increase.

Facing these difficulties, the results of the Satis group reveal that global brand events, economic controls, devaluations of fiduciary currencies, among others, could generate a strength in the cryptocurrency market, because more and more users are joining in search of more secure and decentralized alternative private means, to preserve their savings during economic crises and accelerated inflations, as in the Latin American cases of Venezuela and Argentina.

Bitcoin could exceed the 100 thousand dollars

Satis also studied the behavior of cryptocurrencies independently, as is the case of the most consolidated one, Bitcoin, which could reach $ 100 thousand dollars beginning the next decade, representing growth of 1,947% compared to the 7 thousand dollars currently calculated by each (BTC).

There are forecasts that some experts consider very enthusiastic, a specific example is a statement by John McAfee, where he considered that Bitcoin will reach the great sum of one million dollars in 2020.

Not only Bitcoin will be benefited, Monero follows behind, which could be quoted at $ 23,000 for the year 2023, having an increase of 18,200% compared today with the price of 137 for each unit.

Admission for use cases

The analytics predicted that the market of greater impact and greater business opportunity of the next decade will be offshore deposits or international transfers that will symbolize 3.2 trillion of the total profits.

Satis also anticipates that the market will remain stable through the creation of online custody applications, to keep the cryptocurrencies of each user safeguarded, and thus generating a greater insertion of investors in the ecosystem. In the same way, economic crises and devaluation of fiduciary currencies will generate interest in international transfers with cryptocurrencies and will increase the purchase in different online exchange houses.

Not only the aforementioned will be an important contribution, collectible games, digital commerce, games of chance and remittances will positively influence the increase of the cryptocurrency market to possibly strengthen it, in the main form of world monetary exchange.

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