How will the world be when Blockchain is established like the Internet?


We can expect that many of the processes in which people participate are improved or perfected thanks to this technology.

Blockchain security

Blockchain is cataloged as the most revolutionary technology since the appearance of the Internet, and as the latter it aims to be a powerful tool that will transform not only the way business is done, but life in general.

For some people, Blockchain is still in an incipient stage, but its main characteristic, the contribution of transparency, already opens the door to many new business models. Its potential goes far beyond the emergence of new opportunities or the most innovative trend with which it is related, Bitcoin.

Decentralized processes

One of the biggest attractions of the Blockchain technology is the elimination of intermediaries which, without a doubt, is an obvious cost saving method and opens the doors to the decrease of incorrect manipulation of resources and information. This is the main reason that has motivated the financial sector to be the first to develop solutions based on Blockchain, because the transactions data is impossible to falsify once registered with this technology and although transactions can be public or private, they maintains the level of transparency but can only be accessed by authorized persons.

The application of Blockchain in the establishment of contracts opens up a lot of business opportunities for all entities, due to the security and reliability guarantee that the technology provides. The same applies to the registration of property, land, copyright and many other registration activities that demand the guarantee of not being altered. The financial group Santander estimates that the use of Blockchain technologies can mean savings of 20,000 million dollars for the financial sector by 2022, and BNP Paribas dares to compare this innovation with that of the steam engine or the combustion engine.

Blockchain in everyday life

At the speed that Blockchain is being applied in more and more sectors of the economy and life in general, we can expect that many of the processes in which people have participation are improved or perfected thanks to this technology.

Examples of this are the industrial sector, the energy sector, the fishing industry, the pharmaceutical industry, the armament industry. and obviously technology, which are currently developing and implementing projects based on Blockchain, in order to generate security for their operations and provide better services and products to final consumers. Even at the governmental level, control policies are established based on a Blockchain, in areas such as elections, document registration, digital identity, public services, among others.

In areas such as health and education, the implementation of Blockchain could represent a higher level of security for those who perceive these services, with the development of educational platforms in which students manage their data, access their particular content, decide what content to share and with who in a secure way, preventing possible cases of file theft or plagiarism attempts, even in case of having to manage an economic transaction.

The application of Blockchain in health systems will exponentially transform the method of data registration, its security, transparency and privacy. It will facilitate the management and processing of each patient’s information, supplying it quickly to medical personnel and health centers. It will also generate a more practical process in routine procedures, patient care and treatment follow-up.

In longer term projects, Blockchain will be able to redefine our sense of privacy on the internet through the creation of secure digital identities. This will probably be the key to the deployment of the so-called 4.0 industry, which refers to the activities that machines can perform on their own and with each other, without depending on human manipulation.

Technological revolution

In the same way that the internet penetrated our lives, representing a total transformation in the way people communicated until then, and increasing its applicability space until reaching the way it is used today, Blockchain seems to be following its steps, and goes much further, because it can become the greatest revolution and the greatest contribution to the transformation of the Internet of Information towards the Internet of value.

Blockchain kicks off the era of decentralization of the internet, which means that there will be many more operators and that power will not be so centralized, which changes the way companies operate but also the way we operate, posing a really fascinating future to 20 or 30 years.

Technology experts like the Canadian Don Tapscott think that Blockchain can become crucial to build a whole new world by using it effectively in companies, in the real economy, in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, in finance, in politics, health, education and in almost all spheres of society.

Blockchain: an ideal world

At this point of the technological reality in which we find ourselves, we can envision a world in which we feel more secure with the operations we carry out, with the products we acquire, the services we receive, with more equitable economic growth opportunities.

Blockchain is, for the connoisseurs and lovers of this revolutionary technology, a tool that more than representing a technological revolution, brings with it hope for a world with more opportunities for all, with more equity, more security, more justice, less corruption and delinquency. Although it seems to be an ideal, maybe Blockchain brings us a tool for human beings to do things better.

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