From a wooden bank to Blockchains

Blockchain, la tecnología que permite realizar transferencias de datos digitales

If we graph the behaviour of bitcoin according to its value from the moment of its appearance in the world economic market, we would very likely be seeing something very similar to a roller coaster, with fast-paced ups and downs, which is the clear example of the undeniable vitality of this unit of value that people like to call cryptocurrency.

The harsh reality is that money is worth as much as the faith that people have in the financial system of the country in which they live. Nowadays no country supports its currency with real worth, neither gold nor silver nor diamonds, so any currency is worth as much as any cryptocurrency. That is, from Bitcoin onwards, the digital financial world acquires as much power as faith has for those who invest in it.

This reality doesn’t welcome the almost obsolete world banking system (born in the ancient Greece when the first lenders sat on a wooden bench to make their transactions), which is increasingly close to losing the hegemony over the individual economy of the common man every minute that has elapsed since Satoshi created bitcoin almost 10 years ago.

Wanting to cover the sun with one finger is the possible utopia of someone who closes an eye while they do it and success while trying with self-deception. This also works for those who avoid giving real importance to the digital money, even when they witness that every day more multinational giants are added to open their doors to the use of these currencies that are similar to toy coins that today are worth as much as gold itself.

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The interesting thing about all this is to do the exercise of imagining a world in which the international bank loses power and the common citizen gains autonomy, which is possible every second that passes since a couple of pizzas were sold with Bitcoins.

Most certainly there are many bankers interested in stopping this global phenomenon and will spare no effort in devising the most creative ways to achieve this goal, as millions of unbelievers will be left without their share of cake in this smart investment party.

Bubbles are a latent possibility and profit too. You decide if you want your slice of that pie or if you want to stay on the sidelines, on a diet of excessive prudence while Blockchains are reproduced to give shelter to the near future’s coins.

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