Elements to consider when investing in cryptocurrencies.

Usually, many people that have an interest in investing in these digital assets do not have clear notions of how to do it. There are certain aspects that you should know before making your investments.

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The emergence of cryptocurrencies has represented a transformation in the way investors observe the current economic and financial landscape. Investors are not just people with considerable capital who want to see their profits multiplied. Also, they are entrepreneurs who understand the opportunity to grow economically in the digital ecosystem.

More than 10 years have passed since the success of Bitcoin as the first cryptocurrency. Usually, many people that have an interest in investing in these digital assets do not have clear notions of how to do it. Besides, they do not know some aspects that they should know before making their investments.

There are currently approximately 1,300 cryptocurrencies on the market. Each cryptocurrency has advantages and disadvantages. However, Bitcoin continues to be the most relevant. Other digital currencies that follow the success of bitcoin are; Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, among others.

Many new investors are wondering what about the details that they should know when deciding on which cryptocurrency to make their investment. Below, we detail the information you should analyze before making a decision.

Road Map and Whitepaper

One of the main issues to consider when deciding to invest in a cryptocurrency is related to its development. Each creator of a digital asset or a technological product develops a Road Map. They explain the roads in a document published on social networks. Anyone interested in knowing it in depth can have access to it, named as Whitepaper.

Block explorer

This tool is usually a website. It allows navigation inside a blockchain. The user can review what happens inside a blockchain and display wallet addresses. Also, you can verify the hash rate, the information of the transactions made, and other data of the blockchain.

The information contained in the blockchain of a cryptocurrency is open and accessible to all. Anyone can visualize it and investigate inside the blockchain. The goal is to analyze the information about how it has operated so far. All these processes are carried out as proof that the decentralized nature of the blockchain is guaranteed.

Social networks

Social networks are today one of the most effective tools when making any product. The directors of the cryptocurrency marketing campaigns focus on their brand to take the first place through activity on platforms such as; Facebook, Instagram, Telegram, and YouTube. Those channels that people continuously go to do their research.

The information that you can find on social networks about a digital product helps you get an idea if it is something positive or negative. It is convenient to go to these specific platforms where people share information regarding the issue of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. Other options are the Reddit and Bincointalk forums, among others.

Cryptocurrency protocol

Blockchain is the technology behind cryptocurrencies. Blockchain technology for recording information and transactions made on the internet. This technology has proven to be much more innovative than the simple application for the development of digital assets. We realize that it is a much broader development field.

A consensus protocol must exist to create a cryptocurrency inside a blockchain. This protocol must work as a validator of the actions carried out that gave rise to it. The most commonly used protocols for the generation or mining of cryptocurrencies are Bitcoin PoW and Ethereum PoS. These two protocols have caused the resurgence of many other cryptocurrencies alternatives. However, over time, many different protocols have been developed with which many other altcoins work.

The most significant disadvantage of the Bitcoin PoW protocol is the need for very advanced and costly computing equipment. We must know the enormous energy consumption demanded by The BTC mining process. The BTC mining process required tremendous energy consumption. The energy costs are a disadvantage that other protocols reduced, but it is the biggest problem that cryptocurrencies face.

Knowing the protocols that use a blockchain for the generation of your native currency is very important when we are in the process of investing in it. The costs generated in the mining process are directly related to the profit that we can gain.


The usability of a cryptocurrency is another factor to consider. Nobody wants to invest in an asset with which they will not be able to make any future transactions. A digital asset has the potential to be used in trading platforms, in the acquisition of products or being exchanged for fiat money. It is one of the characteristics in which an investor is most fixed, regardless of whether it can be done immediately or in the long term.

Pricing and projection

The cost of a cryptocurrency is decisive when determining the amount of the investment to be made. The price is concerning the prediction that the cryptocurrency has in the future. It also depends on its usability, as the growth of the crypto community of a specific currency helps to gain security and credibility. Complying with these essential aspects contributes to the increase in its price and to the earnings of the investor.

It is essential that to ensure sustainable gains in the medium and long term, a cryptocurrency must increase a considerable transaction capacity in the ecosystem. Also, this increases its value and demand.

Decentralization and security

Cryptocurrencies are digital assets. Security and decentralization are two characteristics that attract investors. Cryptocurrencies are an advantage over a world where the wealth distribution index is closely linked to the concentration of money by centralized institutions.

Satoshi Nakamoto developed Bitcoin to be a fully decentralized cryptocurrency. Out of the control of the world’s financial institutions, such as banks and financial regulators. However, currently, the loss of decentralization is one of the situations that threaten the crypto ecosystem. The emergence of large mining pools has caused this setback, in which the profits for small miners and investors are minimal. Very different from those who have associated with centralizing the activity.

Besides, another factor to consider is the emergence of tokens and cryptocurrencies that operate on private servers backed by a centralized government and financial entities.

If we want to invest our money, it is necessary to be sure that it is an asset that retains two essential characteristics. Operate on a public blockchain to avoid the participation of third parties not involved. Also, prevent computer attacks and loss of investment.

It is crucial to keep in mind that the security conditions of a cryptocurrency blockchain are an essential element for the investment to remain secure. Investors seek stability in transactions and information management in processes.

We hope this article has clarified your ideas to make the right decision when choosing the right cryptocurrency to invest.

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