Discover how and why a cryptocurrency like Arian Coin would be revalued

It’s said that there is no smoke without fire, and Satoshi’s creation produced huge smoke to which we must pay attention

Since a couple of pizzas were bought for USD $ 25 and sent home in exchange for 10,000 units of the first cryptocurrency, the financial world began an undeniable transformation.  

Those who navigate through the business world or those who pretend to be successful entrepreneurs underestimating the interest of those who have already triumphed in the cryptocurrency environment will surely fall by the wayside and will hardly rise to the top of success.

It’s said that there is no smoke without fire, and Satoshi’s creation produced huge smoke to which we must pay attention. Within the blockchain and cryptocurrency ecosystem, believing that BTC, ETHER, LTC(to name some of the most coveted) are the only way to generate incomeor stand out in the new emerging economy can be considered a mistaketoday.

New cryptocurrencies have learned the lesson

Leaving emerging cryptocurrencies aside would be useless, as they have had enough time to see and know first hand the do’s and don’ts from their predecessors, and have used these to create improved and really remarkable proposals that will certainly be the most profitable options when investing to transform the current financial system.

All of this aiming to achieve total decentralization that provides real independence to people and an economy generating freedom possibilities, far from benefiting the strongest ones, on equal footing, both for those who pretend to pretend to live the business world, and the ones that wish to simply appreciate their assets to consolidate a better life quality without the harm of third parties.

Within the new emerging proposals regarding cryptocurrencies, theArianblockchain and its currency, Arian Coin(ARIAN) are presented as an extremely interesting projectfor its simple, practical and friendly approach, which makes it accessible and potentially usable.

Studying its Blackpaper, it exposes a simple, straightforward and easy-to-understand philosophy, which seems suitable for us to illustrate the benefits of a decentralized economy that grants independence and freedom to those who exercise it; a hypothetical example raised in a totally plausible reality.

A fictional exercise that can be a reality

If there was a shipping company, let’s call it ArianBox, that decided to use mainly arians (cryptocurrencies that depend on and are part of their own blockchain) as a means of exchange, and worked in the same way that others of the same area, what would happen?

Let’s see a practical example that exposes the revaluing possibilities that a cryptocurrency with a solid approach provides, guaranteeing growth in its value since its launching.

As a starting point, ArianBox will take 10% of its total net arians, in this case some 10.000 value units of the company and its employees. The total of arians created is of 100.000 and no more will be created. Of the 90.000 left, another 10.000 are used as incentives or rewards for the users of the service, and the rest of the total arians (80.000) were sold publicly to users of similar services, after a campaign seeking to capture the interest of a captive audience in the shipping world was held, costing USD$10 per unit. This leaves a picture in which a total amount of 100.000 arians are already in an ecosystem in which they can be sold and purchased openly within the cryptocurrency market, quoted at USD $10 each. 

It would work because bilaterality brings independence

Now, let’s remember that the way ArianBox works is bilateral, there are no intermediaries, there are no fees per transactions made by third parties and it only uses arians as a means of payment and incentives or rewards for the users, such as discounts, gift cards for the user’s fidelity exchangeable for services, and bonuses for recommending the service to possible users. Obviously, one could talk about the minimum charge of an internal maintenance fee for the blockchain, but it may not be a mandatory requirement.

What’s interesting out of all of this is that, only by gathering a group of people to use a new currency, they themselves create the value for it within the market by themselves.

Let’s highlight aspects to keep in mind in this totally-plausible hypothesis:

  • The number of arians is fixed
  • All the accounting system registered in the ledger is in the Arian blockchain
  • The Arian blockchain is totally decentralized
  • The Arian blockchain is the creator of the arians
  • The Arian blockchain has immutable rules
  • Arians will end up generating more trust than other cryptocurrencies that depend on external blockchains

How would Arian operate within a shipping company?

Shipping prices are charged according to the currency in which the ARIAN was valued at the launching moment, that is, the USD. As each destination has different values, we will start from the fact that 1 ARIAN is equal to USD $10, and if one shipping costs 10 arians, then its value is equivalent to USD $100.

This allows the user to have access to an easy-to-use conversion table, besides that the functioning of the service is not exclusive for those who want to use any fiduciary currency, as they just need to calculate the value of their currency to U.S. dollars and this will undeniably lead them to the shipping price in arians. 

It could even use exchanges to other cryptocurrencies, which opens the doors to transactions that invariably promotes wider usability, and all of this just with the use of shipping services of our hypothetical company, ArianBox.

If a greater number of shipping orders in ArianBox are generated—which is totally feasible, keeping in mind that there are no fees per transactions charged by third parties—, nobody would prefer to use other companies that actually have such fees for the same service. Why shipping with another company in which I’m just anybody and must pay third parties a service that is reduced to the administration of my money?

With ArianBox, you would receive the same service at a low cost, using ARIAN as a means of payment and you would be part of an exclusive community that proposes a new disruptive and independent economy. The constant use of arians will revalue them, as there will be a higher demand for the service, and, as the number of users grows, the usability of the arians will diversify, because we can’t forget that there is an important amount that was destined for bonuses and rewards, which already enables new possibilities. A gift card with arians equals toa gift card with dollars, and sooner than later ARIAN will end up beingexchanged for other services.

Now that this fascinating theory has been exposed, we are pleased to invite you to know more about the ARIAN, go to the website as we did and navigate through it, get to know its proposals and discover its Blackpaper, so that you can learn first hand why the aforementioned could stop being just a theory sooner than you think, as the usability possibilities that theArianblockchain will generate are as wide and diverse that even a Smart House can helpto monetize invested money with this new cryptocurrency.

Arian invites you to download the Interactive Node and start mining as soon as possible so that you become part of the transformation in the digital world. By clicking on you can join this emerging and promising opportunity.

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