Blockchain will be the headquarters of the Blockchain Summit Latam second edition

Bogotá será sede de la segunda edición de Blockchain Summit Latam

The blockchain technology is becoming more and more common and the Blockchain Summit Latam 2018 is about to celebrate its second edition

The Blockchain Summit Latam 2018 conference aims to inform about the use and operation of cryptocurrencies, in addition, to support the progress of its technology. In this second edition, the Colombian capital, Bogotá, will host the event, where the central theme will be the contribution of the blockchain and the cryptoassets on the Internet of value and the fourth industrial revolution.

The first installment of this event was held in Chile with 25 speakers with extensive knowledge and experience at an international level, with more than 600 attendees, as well as renowned figures involved in the blockchain, such as Chris Burniske, author of the Cryptoassets guide, Eduardo Lemp, member of the Consensys company, and Malcolm Lerider, from the NEO Blockchain platform.

In the previous meeting they developed the first version of the Blockchain Hackathon of the BSL, where more than 60 developers met, divided in 18 work teams, where the Indoor Analytics project turned out to be the winner with their contribution called SmartRent, who received awards equivalent to US$25,000.

The creation of cryptoassets technology, the level of application of these in Latin America, the point of view of companies, startups and programmers, in addition to the legal issues and their regulations will be what the attendees of the event can learn about.

The 17th will be dedicated to developers and startups with technical talks and workshops and then closing with the Blockchain Hackathon, which aims to present the challenges posed by companies using distributed accounting technology as a basis. The best project will be able to carry out a 3-month acceleration plan to implement a concept test in the sponsoring company.

That won’t be the only prize, the winners will receive credits for platforms and specialization courses too. Among the platforms that have confirmed their participation in the event are: ConsenSys, IBM, NEO and NEM.

The second day of the edition will focus on business owners, executives, government entities and regulators. The main goal is for each attendee to leave with a clear idea of ​​the origin of the technology and its applicability in Latin America.

Some of the speakers that are confirmed already are Juan Llanos, Alex Preukschat, Rodolfo Andragnes, Pelle Braendgaard, plus other specialists and members of the ecosystem of cryptocurrencies in the region and the world.

The coordinates of the conference will be at the Casa Dann Hotel in Bogotá and the tickets sale “Early Birds” has already started on the website, with a discount of 40% on the initial price of the ticket.

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