Bitcoin Whitepaper 10th anniversary

The world of cryptocurrencies commemorates a historical date, since Bitcoin, despite being the oldest cryptocurrency continues to be the strongest in the market today.

A decade of technological revolution

Ten years have passed since the Whitepaper in which Satoshi Nakamoto published the technical characteristics and the development process of what would become the most revolutionary technological innovation in the world of digital economy, the first cryptocurrency, Bitcoin.

This event is one of the most representative in the digital world and cryptocurrencies, since it was precisely what initiated the history of Bitcoin as the first cryptocurrency, as well as the emergence of the era of Blockchain technology, which is considered one of the most important technological advances today and the main protagonist of the fourth industrial revolution.

Nine pages that generated great expectation

Almost two months passed since the publication of the document and the launch of Bitcoin, but even so the expectations that were generated in this period of time were enough for thousands of programmers to study the code and the cryptography of the product. As time passed, many more have been adding not only to the studies but to the development of their own proposals, making this ecosystem grow, which currently registers higher income than oil.

Despite having been a relatively short document, it represented for all those who had access to it the opening of a door to the creation and development of many other products with these same or similar characteristics. But undoubtedly, the most transcendental issue to highlight within this document is not exactly the transformation of the concept of money or what it would become, but the technology behind the creation of Bitcoin.

With its characteristics of decentralized money, Bitcoin has managed to capture the attention of more and more people worldwide, offering opportunities and economic benefits to those who have received it as a response to the limitations of the traditional financial and economic system, and not only that of those understood in cryptography and Open Source, who would have been expected to be the most impacted.

Bitcoin brought with it a gift: Blockchain

Despite of giving perfect details of how the integrated block network works, chained in a linear form with time stamps, nowhere is it referred as Blockchain. This term was coined long afterwards to refer to the network and as it became more known, more and more fields of application of this technology have been discovered.

Those who acted as detractors of cryptocurrencies have had no choice but to recognize the benefits of decentralized digital currencies and even more, they have had to recognize the benefits and the broad field of application of the technology behind them, Blockchain.

The world of cryptocurrencies commemorates a historical date, since Bitcoin, despite being the oldest currency, continues to be the strongest in the market today, which is proof of the effectiveness of monetary decentralization, which will surely continue to transform the way in which transactions are carried out in the world.

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