Attention, these big players support cryptocurrencies

Las criptomonedas se popularizan

2017 was the great year of cryptocurrencies as they reached their peak, Bitcoin exceeded 10 thousand dollars and this led to cryptocurrencies becoming even more popular. But of course, they wouldn’t have any value if you couldn’t make purchases with them in some of the largest companies in the world. Names like Microsoft, Steam and even KFC and Subway already accept BTC as payment, so in this article we will tell you where you can buy with your e-wallet.


One of the pioneering companies in accepting Bitcoin is Microsoft, starting in 2014 by allowing its users to acquire licenses and other products such as games, movies and applications in Windows and Xbox stores, however, the purchase of physical products is still not allowed.

In the technological field, the computer multinational Dell also joined the boom in January 2014 and, like Microsoft, it achieved this when it joined Coinbase.

KFC se suma al mundo de la criptomoneda
KFC in the comercial revolution of cryptocurrency


That’s right! Chicken for Bitcoins, but only in Canada. We know it, almost everyone loves fried chicken but the fact that this possibility was open gives us a clear vision towards where we’re moving in the world of technology and finances.

For this end, The Bitcoin Bucket was introduced, which had to be paid with the Bitcoin equivalent to 20 dollars.

This bucket has ten pieces of chicken, medium size fries, a medium sauce and two dips. Canadian users can make their order at home through the website of Colonel & Co.’s while the duration of the promotion, which is updated every five minutes in real time.

Starbucks and Subway (coffee and sandwiches multinationals) accept in many establishments physical payment with BTC, joining KFC in the commercial revolution of the cryptocurrency.

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The Pirate Bay

If you are an assiduous user of the internet, you have probably heard of The Pirate Bay, the most popular torrent downloading platform, which was supported until 2014 with advertising, obtaining the necessary funds to operate from it, however, this famous website began accepting donations from all users; but if you thought that they accepted the donations in conventional money, you are wrong, since they only accepte them in Bitcoins and Litecoins.

This innovation lead many other torrent websites to join the initiative of receiving donations and of course, cryptocurrencies.

PayPal ha confirmado estar estudiando extender su cobertura a otras criptomonedas como Ethereum
Paypal , the online global pay system accept pays in cryptocurrency


The popular payments website, used mostly in the online field as a payment gateway and exchange of money, has accepted bitcoin since some time ago as a form of payment. For processing, it uses platforms such as GoCoin, Coinbase or BitPay.

Likewise, PayPal has confirmed that it is studying extending its coverage to other cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum.


Steam made partnership Gamers that use cryptocurrencies also have their space aswith BitPay so that players can purchase their products in Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies.

la organización de caridad save the children recibe donaciones en criptomonedas
Save the children accept donations in cryptocurrency

Save The Children

Kindness doesn’t know currencies, which is why the charitable organization that deals with education, tragedies, and integral health issues also accepts cryptocurrency donations now.

Donations are received through a customised webpage in Bitpay.

But these aren’t the only multinationals that accept BTC as a payment method, Shopify, Expedia, DISH Network and many more have walked towards the future, allowing cryptocurrencies to be an integral part of their business.

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