Our goal is to become change generators, using the emerging technologies, creating ideas and products that guarantee us a privileged position in the revolutionary digital world in which we live. 

Disruptive innovation is our goal!
New concepts like Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, BioHacking and other innovations lead us to be disrupters in financial markets, in the scientifical, education, health and entertainment areas.  


We have genenerated a very wide field in matters of this technology, with the decentralization and safe handling of these digital operations, making them product resistant to fraud and manipulation. 


The current world can not be governed by the traditional forms of the economy.


If you want to know the most recent news about emerging technologies trends, our blog offers you all the information that happens around the world.

Decentralized Exchanges - Atomic Swap

The percentage of cryptocurrencies that have executed Atomic Swaps is still low, but along with DEX are shaping up to be the technology that moves the centralized Exchange.

What is human-machine symbiosis?

Companies that develop cryptocurrency mining technologies bet on the direct relationship between humans and machines, which allow people to continue to maintain control over their activities.

Remittances in a Crypto environment

Undoubtedly, Blockchain technology is routed to solve the problems suffered by millions of migrants worldwide.

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